Hello my Love

hello i love you

In short, I am here to start a revolution. It is time for us to live more orgasmic lives and I am here to help. I have started a new YouTube channel and series called: Red True Diaries that is a nod to the old HBO (or Showtime) movie and spin off series called: Red Shoe Diaries.

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”  -George Orwell

Eroticism tends to be a big turn on for women and I care to make it more accessible and acceptable for females to be aroused and satisfied. The benefits of this movement are innumerable.

I’ll be posting a video daily on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJH82ALuOJP2CvCcVP_FbDA

as well as posting diary entries here on wordpress. I am in my late thirties, have been having orgasms since I was 14 years old and have around 150 journals to date from which to choose.

This is fun for me but what really inspires me to do this is YOU!!! It breaks my heart when I hear women tell me stories of neglect, abuse, denigration, ignorance and more. Just this morning a friend told me that she does not remember the last time that she had an orgasm. Last month a friend shared that she has only had one orgasm and she is 27 years old. Sociological statistics are not any more promising.

I rarely go more than 2 weeks without having an orgasm, but feel that daily orgasms are too much for me. Know thyself. Although I have had boyfriends and was married for a few years,  most of the orgasms I have had have been induced by me. I usually have 3-10 orgasms per “session” and usually through clitoral stimulation. I have had orgasms through vaginal and anal sex as well which I have only experienced with partners in loving relationships. I mention the that it was in the context of a loving relationship because for me and many other females, we need to feel safe, uninhibited, respected and valued in order to let go of our thoughts and allow our bodies to climax. Even in many bondage situations, not parties  consent and have “safe” words in order fully enjoy their play time together.

Communication is key!

We are capable of so much more than most of us are experiencing. PLEASE help me raise the bar- for the sake of us all.

All that I am sharing are true accounts. I use a moniker and red hair for the sake of privacy in my professional life, however I do plan to eventually combine them all in the future.

If you are a female and have any old diary entries that I may share on my YouTube show and blog, please send them to: redtruediaries@gmail.com
Anonymity is up to you.

Thank you


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